These Ties (Original Poetry) 

The time between then and now

The bridge between us,

To walk across all these lines.

To find peace again.

The power of connections.

How it all reminds

Me of all those great times and

I will keep these ties.
Inspired by the Wednesday Poetry Prompt by Robert Lee Brewer of Writer’s Digest.

Prompt: Write a poem about connections.


#VibesOfOctober Poetry Challenge

I will be taking part in the #VibesOfOctober poetry challenge hosted by Enchanting_Infinities on Instagram.

I will be posting my poems on my Instagram and Facebook pages.  You can also follow me on Twitter @poetjazminruiz.

Here is the post by Enchanting_Infinities on Instagram.  I encourage everyone to take part in the challenge.


October is just round the corner and what I love about the beginning of each month is the embarkment of so many challenges. The one hosted by me, #VibesOfOctober is here ❤● ● ● Rules, same as before ❤ ●Use the hashtag #VibesOfOctober in your posts. ●Tag me @enchanting_infinities (Make sure you do both of these ❤)● ●You can use the prompts as they are or mould them according to your needs. You can even use them as your title or theme too. ●Poetry, writings, stories, art, calligraphy. Everything would work ❤ Explore like always ❤ Welcoming everyone, artists, poets, writers, photographers, calligraphers, anybody!! Best posts to be featured here on my handle ❤ You can use the same hashtag, #Vibesofoctober on twitter as well, but tag me @ Chahatmalik5 over there ❤ Inviting all of you, tagging some too, if I don't (by any chance) and you see this, please consider yourself invited. 🤗🤗 #poetry #poetrychallenge #art #artchallenge #calligraphychallenge #illustration #writingchallenge #instagram #instagood #writing #writerssociety #followforfollow #followback #challenge #life #excited #insta #igers #scribbledstories #stories #story #poem #love #spreadlove

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#OctoberFalls Poetry Challenge

I will be participating in the #OctoberFalls poetry challenge hosted by FallsPoetry on Instagram and Twitter.  I will be posting the poems to my Instagram and Facebook pages.  You can also follow me on Twitter @poetjazminruiz.



Here is the post by FallsPoetry on Instagram.  I encourage any poets out there to take part in this challenge.


A new month approaches, and a new list of prompts come with it. Please, join us for #OctoberFalls! Tagging a few in comments, but please share and tag others as you like. Thank you! 💛 —- If there's a word or phrase you're unsure about send us a message! —- If you're playing along on twitter, please use #octoberfalls and follow us at @fallspoetry as well! —- We know there are lots of challenges floating around, but we look forward to reading those who join in – and thank you in advance! —- #poetrychallenge #octoberpoetrychallenge #monthlychallenge #writingislife #writingissanity #instapoet #writingchallenge #octoberwritingchallenge #poetryisnotdead #poetryislove #shareyourwords #fallspoetry #fallspoetrychallenge

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