#VibesOfOctober Poetry Challenge

I will be taking part in the #VibesOfOctober poetry challenge hosted by Enchanting_Infinities on Instagram.

I will be posting my poems on my Instagram and Facebook pages.  You can also follow me on Twitter @poetjazminruiz.

Here is the post by Enchanting_Infinities on Instagram.  I encourage everyone to take part in the challenge.


October is just round the corner and what I love about the beginning of each month is the embarkment of so many challenges. The one hosted by me, #VibesOfOctober is here ❤● ● ● Rules, same as before ❤ ●Use the hashtag #VibesOfOctober in your posts. ●Tag me @enchanting_infinities (Make sure you do both of these ❤)● ●You can use the prompts as they are or mould them according to your needs. You can even use them as your title or theme too. ●Poetry, writings, stories, art, calligraphy. Everything would work ❤ Explore like always ❤ Welcoming everyone, artists, poets, writers, photographers, calligraphers, anybody!! Best posts to be featured here on my handle ❤ You can use the same hashtag, #Vibesofoctober on twitter as well, but tag me @ Chahatmalik5 over there ❤ Inviting all of you, tagging some too, if I don't (by any chance) and you see this, please consider yourself invited. 🤗🤗 #poetry #poetrychallenge #art #artchallenge #calligraphychallenge #illustration #writingchallenge #instagram #instagood #writing #writerssociety #followforfollow #followback #challenge #life #excited #insta #igers #scribbledstories #stories #story #poem #love #spreadlove

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