#OctoberFalls Poetry Challenge

I will be participating in the #OctoberFalls poetry challenge hosted by FallsPoetry on Instagram and Twitter.  I will be posting the poems to my Instagram and Facebook pages.  You can also follow me on Twitter @poetjazminruiz.



Here is the post by FallsPoetry on Instagram.  I encourage any poets out there to take part in this challenge.


A new month approaches, and a new list of prompts come with it. Please, join us for #OctoberFalls! Tagging a few in comments, but please share and tag others as you like. Thank you! 💛 —- If there's a word or phrase you're unsure about send us a message! —- If you're playing along on twitter, please use #octoberfalls and follow us at @fallspoetry as well! —- We know there are lots of challenges floating around, but we look forward to reading those who join in – and thank you in advance! —- #poetrychallenge #octoberpoetrychallenge #monthlychallenge #writingislife #writingissanity #instapoet #writingchallenge #octoberwritingchallenge #poetryisnotdead #poetryislove #shareyourwords #fallspoetry #fallspoetrychallenge

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